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Activities of Water and Sanitation Support Organization (WSSO) as per National Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP)

  • WSSO Conducts training, organizes training related activities, shares the key concept of NRDWP guidelines with all stake holders  and promotes National Rural Drinking Water Supply programme at the state level
  • WSSO responds to emergency or emergency like situation for prevention and control through IEC activities and also out sources for meeting the immediate demand of the situation.
  • WSSO deals with software aspects like IEC, HRD, WQM&S, R&D, M&E and IMIS etc. Awareness Generation and Capacity Building are crosscutting issues of all support activities and deals with key resource institutions.
  • WSSO generates demand among the people who are marginalized and back seated for wanting safe water.
  • WSSO coordinates with department of P&RD, H&FW, Education, Child development, Women Development and Social Welfare etc for effective implementation of water supply system in rural  West Bengal    
  • WSSO  acts as a facilitating agency and  facilitates the process and  bridges the gaps with different stakeholders
  • WSSO provides support to the Panchayati Raj Institute (PRIs) and Village Water and Sanitation Committee (VWSC) to prepare water security plan, implement and maintain.
  • WSSO takes up and conducts sanitary survey, water quality testing,  monitoring.etc
  • WSSO also takes the Research and Development (R&D) activities and shares the findings with PHED,
  • WSSO takes up MIS and computerization Programmes, GIS mapping and online monitoring system, and finally
  • WSSO also monitors all STA activities.