Option for the post of Head Estimator under NBC-I
Slow Progress - Onsite Mobile Analysis System
Slow Progress in IMIS regarding WQ testing
Seminar on Plastic Pipes at Siliguri
Presentation of Oracle Primavera Software
Meeting of Committee on Sustainability Structures
Transfer of Assistant Engineers (Civil)
Promotion of SAE (Civil) to AE (Civil)
Correction of the scheme Master Database of PHED
60% Physical Coverage in IMIS
Minutes of the Meeting held on 01.09.2014
Block wise PWS maps distribution
Requirement of Watergems, Hammer & ZWCAD Software
Notification- Appointment of Director, WSSO, PHED.
Training on Call Centre Activities
Functioning of PHED Call Centre
Approval Letter reg. Incorporation in Vendor List
Converged intervention for Combating Diarrhoea
Allotment of fund for Recurring Expenditure of Lab
Fund flow through e-bantan module of I.F.M.S.
Matching Order - Transfer of EEs
WQMS and On site Mobile analysis system
Minutes of the Review Meeting held on 14.08.2014
Repayment on LIC Loan
E-Tender for Digital Signature Certificate
Transfer Order of Executive Engineers
Meeting on 9/9/2014 postponed until further order
Approval Letter of Vendor-TMT BRAND BAR
Format for MIC Meeting-10.09.2014
Format for Planning for MIC Meeting
Lt to EE regarding VWSC training at Murshidabad
Format for Mega Project for MIC Meeting
Postponement of JE/AES meeting.
Review Meeting on 10.09.2014
Meeting on 04/09/2014 Deferred to 09/09/2014
Notice for 1st Meeting of Sustainability Structure
Change in Transfer Order of AEs
Approval Letter of Vendor-Supply of HDPE Pipes
Urgent letter reg. particulars of Gr. D employees
Letter-Review Meeting-Joint Secretary, MDWS, GOI
Unsettled Para. on Six Monthly Report of the Audit
Transfer order of AE, Jalpaiguri SI Sub-Division
Final Gradation List for SAE (CIVIL)
Workshop On-Site Mobile Analysis System
Transfer order of Assistant Engineer (Civil)
Reminder - Guideline for naming of Schemes
URGENT: Action Plan for combating JE/AES
Provision of W/S to GPs under NBA
Use of IMIS based Block wise GP Maps
Committee for Sustainability Structures
Committee for 2 Part DPR & 100% House Connection
Matching Order - Transfer of EEs
Matching Order - Promotion of AEs
Change of time of Review Meeting on 14.03.2014
Review Meeting with SEs on 14.08.2014
PSC Half-yearly Professional Examination
Order reg. Enlistment of Vendor
Transfer Order of Executive Engineer (Civil)
Promotion Order of Assistant Engineer (Civil)
National Awareness Campaign on JE/ AES
Transfer order of Executive Engineer (Mech./Elec.)
Minutes - House to House Connection PWSS
Transfer Order of PHED Officers
Letter to DM regarding JE/ AES Awareness Drive
Lt to SAC, Swasthay Bhavan regarding JE/ AES
Lt to MD, NRHM regarding JE/ AES
Lt to EE, Jalpaiguri Divn, regarding JE/ AES
Lt to EE, Siliguri W/S Divn, regarding JE/ AES
Notification No.2254-F(Y) of Finance Department
Expression of Interest for JE/AES Awareness Drive
Enlistment of Vendor on AC Power System-LT Panel
Central Circle IMIS training in Hooghly Division
Target for PMs 100 days Agenda
Kulpi Project Renamed as Falta-Mathurapur Project
Provision of Stand Post in every habitations.
Corrigendum to schedule of training on IMIS
Expenditure Audit for Zilla Parishad
Expenditure Audit for GTA
Training Programme on E-Bantan
Circle wise IMIS Training
Expenditure Audit by RAHAMAN & MONDAL
Providing alternate e-mail ID in PHED website
Training Course at Raipur
Training schedule regarding WQ test entry in IMIS
Lt. to EE - Fund for Workshop on National JE/ AES
Corrigendum to Planning Schedule July 2014
‘Drinking Water Supply Status’ Module Protocol
Immediate release of SAEs(Civil)
MOST URGENT-Target for next 100 days
Half-Yearly Professional Exam of AEs & SAEs
Contractual consolidated remuneration of AE & SAEs
Revision of Daily Wages of Contractors labour
Submission of PWSS Data for 5 years
Enlistment of Vendor-Supply of PVC Pipes & Fitting
Letter from JS on JE-AES Awareness Week
District Wise JE/ AES affected village list
Lt from Pr. Secy on JE-AES Awareness Week
Tentative Budget on JE-AES Awareness Week
Dist. wise campgn schedule on JE Awareness Week
Enlistment of Industrial valve Manufacturer
Transfer order of Assistant Engineer (Mech./Elec.)
Presentation by System Adv Technologies on 13.6.14
Special drive for assessment of ground water
Steps to follow the e-Bantan system
VERY URGENT Update No. of House Connection in YDU
Procurement of DI Pipes
Report on Drought like situation in the State
PWSS to be funded from MP-LAD.
Finance Department Notification No.2254-F(Y)
Order reg. Enlistment of Vendor
Updation-Drinking Water Status Module in PHED Site
Transfer of SAEs (Civil)
Minutes of the Meeting held on 08.05.2014
Anganwari, Children of all Home & Schools guidelin
Special Drive for Preparation of HGM Maps
Letters & Blank Formats-Budget Rev. Meeting 14-15
Minutes of the Meeting Held on 21.04.2014
Training at RGNGWTRI for 2014-15
Mentioning the name of “Government of West Bengal”
Budget Meeting for 2014-15
Schedule for orientation programme on Plastic Pipe
Programme on Quality Assurance of plastic Pipes
Special drive for assessment of GW quality
Minutes of Sensitisation Meeting on YDU 2014-15
Meeting with SEs on YDU 2014-15
Temporary W/S&sanitation arrangement-Election-2014
Meeting on YDU 2014-15
Annual Action Plan 2014-15
Tour Programme of Audit Party
URGENT-Annual Data Updation in IMIS for 2014-15
Deposition of all deduction in different heads
Sanctioning of Cash Equivalent Leave Salary
Booking of inspection bungalow is restricted
Proposal for direct purchase of land
Urgent: Dev. Work during run up to Gen. Elec 14
Special Recruitment drive for SC/ST
Transparency in booking of Inspection Bungalow
Abolishment of Enlistment
Maximum Utilization of Fund during F.Y. 2013-14
CAD Training for Mechanical Wing (revised)
62 Nos. PWSS inaugurated by Hon’ble CM,West Bengal
New CPHEEO Manual on Sewerage & Sewerage Treatment
Actuals & requirement for Salary
Entry of schemes sanctioned in 13-14 in IMIS
Data For house connection in PWSS
Procurement of Internet Data Card for Divisions
Hands-on Training CAD Software for Mechanical Wing
Retention of the post of Engineer-in-Chief
Transparency regarding booking of room in Bungalow
Fourth Coming Training Programme on NRDWP & NBA
District Level Campaign involving DRD Cell
Fund Availability of District Level Workshop
Instruction for Correction of Spot Source in IMIS
NSDW& S Week 20th To 25th Feb,2014-Memorandum PHED
State Level Workshop on NSDW & S Week-18 Feb14
NSDW & S Week 20th-25th Feb, 2014-Order P&RD
Distribution of Campaign Tools for NSDW&S Week
Revised date of Dist. Level Workshop on NSDWS Week
NIQ for Printing under WSSO
Uploading of Sanitary Survey Report on IMIS
Notification-Operational control of WSSO personnel
22nd SLSSC meeting deferred
New Assignment of Assistant Engineers
Gradation list of SAE
Training programme on NRDWP & NBA February 2014
List of Approved Vendors
Postponement of Training Programme
Utilization of fund for Computerization and MIS
Modification in the functionalities of Call Centre
Guideline of Finance Dept. for Submission of bills
Expenditure on WQM and surveillance Programme
Climate Change Cell
Schedule for Hands-on Training on ZWCAD Software
Order & Format reg. Transfer & Posting of SAE (C)
Transfer Order of Executive Engineers
Half-Yearly Professional Examination of AEs & SAEs
Enlistment of Civil Contractors
Procurement of Pran Dhara
Submit Final Summary Report
Order reg. Renovation work of PHE Insp. Bungalow
Procurement of Chemicals for Water Testing Lab
Particulars of newly joined AE (Civil & M-E)
Circular on IMIS related actions.
Detailed Review of Scheme Correction in IMIS
Construction of spurs on the rivers by the I&W Dte
Promotion Order of Assistant Engineer PHE Dte.
Validity of enlistment of Civil Contractors
Register of Appointment
Half-yearly professional examination
Guideline of Scheme Correction in IMIS
IMIS Scheme Correction Progress Report
IMIS Workshop Presentation
Committee for Research and Development activities
Establishment of 100 New Laboratories
ME (PH) / M Tech. (Env) nomination.
Promotion Order of SE North 24-Pgs W/S Circle
Change of official address of Raiganj Division
District Level Monitoring Committee of PWSS
Presence of EEs in IMIS Workshop 21st Dec.
Workshop on Schemes Correction in IMIS-21.12.2013
Letter & Format reg. Review Meeting of Hon’ble CM
Letter and format reg. no. of existing employees
Promotion Posting Order of Superintending Engineers
Transfer Order of Superintending Engineer NBC - II
Placement Order AE-I Investigation Unit
Pay & allowances of PMU
Application for Training at RGNGWT & RI, Raipur
Transfer Order - Superintending Engineer
Additional charge of ACE-1 as Director WSSO
WORK ORDER for AMC of Lab Equipments
Submit ACRs of AE(C)
Format reg. Vacancy of Posts - EXTREMELY URGENT
Review Meeting
Transfer Order - SAEs (Civil)
Shifting of Haldia W/S Division
Revision of rate of rent of Inspection Bungalow
URGENT-Administrative calendar for the year 2014
Nomination for GIS Training
Providing Arsenic free drinking water to Schools
Submission of Quarterly Report on Status of Scheme
Half-Yearly Professional Examination November 2013
E-Tendering Notification
SLMSU funding under WQMSP
Booking of bunglow
Obtaining of DSC
Digital Signature Certificate Form
Transfer Order Executive Engineer
Transfer Order of SAEs (Civil)
District level Monitoring Committee
20th SLSSC has been deferred to 03.10.2013
Establishment of 100 nos. new laboratories
Disbursement & Correction of PWSS MAP
Voluminous unwanted Copies of letters
MDI 2012-2013
Order reg. Schedule & Guideline for Prep. of PWSS
Half-yearly Departmental Examination
20th SLSSC meeting will be held on 30.09.2013
1st Errata & Addenda of PHED Schedule of PWSS
Confirmation on Training at ESCI Hyderabad
JICA Notification for Creation of Posts (Regular)
Re-allocation of duties & responsibilities of CEs
Nominated Officers of O&M & RWSS Training Courses
Exp. Audit under NRDWP- 2012-13 of Zilla Parishad
NIQ of WSSO for printing of IEC
Training on O & M of Rural PWSS at Hyderabad
Change of signatories of NRDWP Program Fund
Additional charge of WSSO by CE(HQ)
Transfer of Municipal W/S Scheme from PHE Dte.
Notice on alertness for combating Disaster
Demonstration-CAIR Electrical Actuator on 16.8.13
Progress Reports - Planning Circle - I
Progress Reports - Planning Circle - 2
Committee for schedule of rate for civil work
Guideline & Schedule for Preparation of PWSS
EXPENDITURE AUDIT 2012-13 with tentative SCHEDULE
Temporary Water Supply & Sanitation works for CPMF
Urgent submission of joining report of AE (C)
Report Displayed During IMIS & LOC Meeting
Tendering by Civil & Mech/Elec, PHE Dte-regarding
Finance Notification 110-F.B. Dated 26.04.2013
Particular casual/daily rated/contract employees
Meeting-New LOC System & IMIS-28 June,1 & 2 July
Changed schedule on Hands-on Training ZWCAD
Order reg. booking of PHE Inspection Bunglow
Postponement of Training on ZWCAD at Siliguri
Extension for renewal of Enlistment of Contractors
IMIS training on 18, 21 & 23 May
Minutes, Workshop on IMIS on 24 & 25 Apr’13
Booklet - Annual Action Plan for the FY 2013-14
19th SLSSC meeting deferred to 07.06.2013.
Schedule of Budget Review Meeting, May, 2013
19th Meeting of SLSSC on 22.05.2013
Manual for Preparation of DPR for Rural PWSS
Uniform Drinking WQ Monitoring Protocol
Budget Proposal for 2013-14(Related to P.H.E. Dte)
IMIS Presentation of 24th-25th April Training
IMIS Training on 24-25 April 2013
Online Indent for Materials to Resource Division
CE, Sundarban Development Bored, on deputation
Order-WQSP-State Sanitation Cell, SIPRD
Transfer/Posting of Superintending Engineers
Finance Dept Notification-1832-F(P) dt.1.3.13
List of Pre-qualified Bidder of NIET-07 SE/CC/PHED
Evaluation of Pre-qualified Bidder of NIET 07
IMIS March 2013 MPR-Important Points
Extension for renewal of Enlistment of Contractors
Promotion -C.E. (M/E), Southern & Northern Zone
Operation of Public Grievance Redressal Cell
8th Panchayat General Elections in West Bengal
Engineer-in-Chief in the rank of Secretary
Format for renewal of Enlistment of Contractors
Minutes of meeting reg. closure of F. Y. 2012-13
JICA Notification
Public Grievance Redressal Cell (Call Centre)
IEC Activities to be Monitored by the Districts
Recommendation by TRC
Safe source in Japanese Encephalitis habitations
18th SLSSC meeting will be held on 07.02.2013
Inter-Departmental Transfer of Land
REVIEW MEETING on 01.02.2013 at 10.30 AM.
Guideline - Minimum ACR rating norms
Extension-enlistment of Civil Contractors
Procurement-Chemical & Reagents-different Div PHED
Submission - Schedule of Rates
Source Less Primary and Upper Primary Schools
Half Yearly Prof. Exam. of AE & SAE.
Short NIQ for printing of Table Calendar
Government Premises Source Less Anganwari Centers.
17th SLSSC meeting will be held on 20.12.2012
Corrigendum to 16th SLSSC minutes
Artificial recharge through Defunct Tubewells
Workshop on IMIS Data Entry on 12.12.2012 at 10 AM
Nomination for Two Weeks Short Term Course.
Transfer/Posting of Executive Engineers (Civil)
Training at ATI
Traning at CGWB
DPR-Source Less Anganwari Centers at Govt. Prems.
Circular on acceptance of Tender Value
Dispute Redressal Committee
Half-Yearly Departmental examination 4th Dec 12
Technical Qualified Bidders of NIET 19
Technical Prequalified Bidders of NIET 19
Blank format-Sustainability structures-NRDWP
NIH Training Programme from 19-23.11.12 at Roorke
Urgent report on JALMANI works
Oder for completion of data gap in IMIS
Opening of P.Q. Proposal of 19 of SE/WC/PHED
Presentation of Review Meeting on 07/11/2012
Urgent completion of JALMANI WORKS
Route chart- venue of Review Meeting on 07.11.12
Urgent Review Meeting on 07.11.2012 at 11.00AM
Agenda points of Review Meeting on 07.11.2012
Power Connection Status – Extremely Urgent
CORRIGENDUM NIET No. 19 of 2012-13
Order - Director, WSSO, PHED to act as DDO
Order – Tender Recommendation Committee
Order for Audit of Programme fund
16th SLSSC meeting to be held on 17.10.2012
Haldia W/S Div temporary transfer to Bankura Divn
Meeting on 25th september, 2012 at Headquarters
Meeting on 28th september, 2012 at Headquarters
Evaluation of IMIS
JALMANI - 2012
Source Less Primary and Upper Primary Schools
Sopport Activities under SWSM
Implementation Committee for Support activities
CORRIGENDUM NIeT No. 16 of 2012-13
Tender on PWSS in Bakura I, II & Barjora Blocks
CORRIGENDUM NIeT No. 14 of 2012-13
Nomination to WASH Expo - 17 & 18 September, 2012
Tender on PWSS in Simlapal Block
Tender on PWSS in INDUS Block
CORRIGENDUM NIeT No. 17 of 2012-13
Tender on PWSS in Onda Block
Minutes-IMIS & MONTHLY ACCOUNTS-7th & 8th Aug2012
VERY URGENT-Arsenic PWSSs Commissioned / Trial Run
List of Prequalified Bidders
E-tendering memorandum
Tender on PWSS in Khatra,Hirbandh & Ranibandh
Monthly Accounts Presentation-07-08 Aug Training
IMIS Training on 7th & 8th August, 2012
Tender on PWSS in Saltora & Chhatna Blocks
CORRIGENDUM NIeT No. 03 of 2012-13 of SE/WC/PHE
Amendment in WBFR Vol-I/Notification No.10500-F
Proforma-Ongoing New PWSS-Urgent
Tender on PWSS in Hura Blocks
Notification-Deleg- Financial Power Amendment
IMIS training on 4th and 5th July
Introduction of Financial Adviser
Monitoring of water testing laboratories
Dept Order-IMIS Entry
Financial Power to Engineers-Tender acceptance
Minutes-4th meeting-Vendors Enrolment Committee
IMIS Presentation 4th and 5th July
Revised format of Land Acquisition proposal
Format of power connection for ongoing scheme
Monthly Ground Water Table/SWL in Different Blocks
Mitigate Drinking Water Crisis
Tender Notice For Western Circle
Presentation of IMIS training on 6th and 7th June
Opening of Drought Control Room
Progress Report
High Resolution Sat. Image & Base Map Generation
Urgent Training on IMIS-06/06/12 & 07/06/12
JALMANI progress meeting -11.06.2012 at 12:00 Noon
Bidders training on e- Tendering
Minutes ,e-Tendering,Monthly Account, IMIS-2.5.12
Officers on Duty on Pragati Utsav 19/05-26/05
Bidders training on e-procurement
Order-Pragati Utsav-Duty Schedule
Gradation List of PHE Engineers
Formats for Budget Review Meeting
Schedule for Budget Meeting for 2012-13
25-50 % Pop Covered Hab List
Physical & Financial progress of JALMANI
Jalmani progress report as on 31.03.2012
UC Format-Fund frm Prgm. Fund-NRDWP-2009-10
PWSS Ready for Commissioning
Absentee Statement for 28.02.2012
Minutes-21.12.11-International Conf. on Arsenic
Minutes-23.12.11-International Conf. on Arsenic
0-25 % Pop Covered Habitation List
Block wise Static Water Table
Progress Report on Jalmani as on 29.02.2012
New Rate of PHED Inspection Bungalow
Land Acquisition proposal format
Training on Online Submision of Monthly Account
All EEs submit the C.P.M.F. work by 06/01/2012
New Water Quality Module
Minutes-27.12.11-International Conf. on Arsenic
Minutes-09.12.11-International Conf. on Arsenic
Further Extension of Enlistment, Civil Contractors
Proforma for Jalmani meeting on 12 noon 12/12/11
Contractual Engagement
10th Meeting of SLSSC-29th July, 2011
Audit Query
List of Sourceless Schools
Budget Review Format-2011-12
Grant of 2nd Higher Grade Pay to Engineer-Officers
Monthly Chart of Ground Water Table
P&RDD, Pr.Secy Letter-Mini Lab & Habitation Survey
Discussion - Mini Water Testing Laboratories
New Hab Survey DPR
Format for Scheme Appraisal Card
Implementation of MASTER PLAN
Progress Report Format for Jalmani
Format-Prog Rpt on WQ Testing